Single Design Consultation

2 hours: $350
(includes drive time if within 15 miles of Bentonville City Square)

These “one and done”, up to 2 hours consultations are for you if you don’t need a full project designed but still need professional guidance on a project. It can be helpful to have a second set of eyes on your vision, or to even give direction to your vision. All the work we do will be encapsulated within our 2 hour meeting, so please be ready to ask questions and take notes!  Here are some examples of what we can work on in 2 hours: 

  • Select new paint colors for a room (or a whole house – depending on how comfortable you are with making quick decisions!) 
  • Create an action plan of updating your kitchen. 
  • Select new flooring for the whole house (or a room) 
  • Create new layout for furniture in a living room 
  • Select new bedroom furniture 
  • Strategize an action plan to create a sense of cohesion from one room to the next
  • Select new lighting for the whole house (or a room!)