Design Philosophy

Be Intentional  |  Wellness & Sustainability  |  Beautiful  |  Joyful

Design Philosophy Image of Flowers in a vase against a dark wall

Be Intentional

Purpose ~ Meaning ~ Focus ~ Vision ~ Authenticity

To be intentional means to make a clear vision of what you want to create, and (more importantly) why you want to create it. When you apply self-awareness to this process, the “why” behind your intention becomes more meaningful and authentic to you. Then the work is holding that intentional vision as the litmus test for all decisions surrounding your creation. Intention is the protector of your creation. It elbows out all that does not fit your vision to make space for what does, so that your creation is on purpose, and authentically yours.

Design Philosophy image of a hand in foot in grass or clover

Wellness + Sustainability

Let’s connect the dots between the health of the Earth, its resources and inhabitants, and our own health and well being.

Intentionally design with nature as our partner. Implement natural light, natural materials, soothing colors, and living plants.

Make materials and design choices that are resilient, timeless, durable, renewable, healthy, safe, and responsible, not only to the end user, but also to the communities and planet they are sourced from.

Utilize the Seventh Generation Principle: the decisions we make now especially about how we use natural resources help to ensure a sustainable Earth seven generations into the future. (as described by ancient Haudenosaunee)

Design Philosophy image of a hand in foot in grass or clover
Design Philosophy image of a table arrangement of small plant and rock


“Seek beauty and your life will be better for it.”

~paraphrased from author Cheryl Strayed

Encountering beauty tends to be a whole body experience, often indescribable. We can immediately feel the resonance and know to move toward and pay attention.

Beauty, at its deeper essence, is about skillful seeing; about alignment with our core values; about harmony; about simplicity, and about an authentic personal connection to what is in front of us.

Beauty is a critical element of design and of creative personal expression, which is so vital in placemaking; Surrounding ourselves with beauty in things, relationships, and experiences is the foundation for grounded and peaceful living.

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Energy ~ Ease ~ Creativity ~ Well Being ~ Openness ~ Curiosity ~ Playfulness ~ Fun

{Unapologetically woo woo here…}

To experience joy whether in process of designing your home or getting an ice cream cone, asks us to be present and open all our senses to what already surrounds and supports us. Just like the air we breathe, joy is already here! We can intentionally loosen expectations and judgments that limit us, and invite in a sense of playfulness and delight in ourselves, each other, and our spaces. What unfolds is often new ways of seeing challenges, creating incredible solutions, and an increased sense of well-being that adds a sweetness to life I believe we all deserve and crave.

We believe in building opportunities to experience joy, in both the design process, the design result, and each other. It’s that important.

Suzie resting in a chair outside