Design Process

Process is the container that holds the magic. It’s the organization that helps us relax and let creativity, problem solving and collaboration flow.
Suzie Atkin

Phase 1: Let’s Talk…

When you connect with me about a project, we’ll schedule a complementary 20 minute chat (phone or Zoom) to discuss your needs, our process, and determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Next, we have our first in person meeting at your home (or Zoom if virtual) to listen, understand your project needs, and gather information, such as photos and dimensions.

*If you’ve requested a Single consultation (in person or virtual), we treat this meeting as if it is our last, meaning, every bit of relevant expertise I can give you I will! I want to ensure you are as prepared as possible for your project, so be prepared with lots of questions. (And of course, I hope we always meet again!)

Suzie Atkin

Phase 2: Design Proposal

Based on our first meeting, I develop a design proposal with a flat design fee, detailing the expected scope of design consultation work from start to finish, including: design meetings, product selection / curation, development of detailed technical drawings (non structural), development of your project guidebook, design/build team collaboration, and all other aspects of design service relevant to your specific project and needs.

The flat design fee does not change during the project unless the scope of work is changed.

I’ll also outline target dates for design fee payments so you can plan ahead.

After the Design Proposal is agreed upon and Design retainer is paid, we get to work!

Phase 3: Design and Collaborate

During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss how you would prefer to experience the design phase of your project. Do you want to be hands-on or hands-off? Would you like to be involved with each selection decision or have it simplified and curated for you? I’ll tailor the process to work best for your preference and style of decision-making.

I’ll provide you with an outlined schedule of decisions we need to make and possible showrooms to visit.

My team and I develop detailed drawings and your project guidebook so that when we’ve completed this phase of work, you have a fully designed project ready to build.

If you wish, as part of this phase, we’ll assist in selecting a contractor, and will want their collaboration as we develop our plans to make sure what we design can be built as expected.

Phase 4: Construction

While I do not handle the contracting and project management of the construction of your project, I meet with you and your team regularly to address questions, troubleshoot challenges, and make sure your vision is being honored.

Phase 5: Welcome Home

We continue as needed meetings to ensure the final outcome aligns with your vision. This includes helping to develop a punch list (final items for a contractor to finish), consulting on location of furnishing and styling, and providing a Welcome Home Guidebook, your all-in-one place for product warranty, care, and maintenance information.

And of course, I hope we’ve built a friendship throughout the duration of your project, so whether you need future design services or just want to grab tea together, we will meet again!

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“Suzie was my lifesaver! After walking away from a difficult experience with another builder, I was in a mess. Suzie and Stan picked up the pieces and helped me start over again. She spent time with me and understood me from the moment we met. She went beyond the extra mile, as we worked together to design and create a whole house remodel that worked well for me. Suzie’s outstanding design skills and detailed knowledge of construction resulted in building several stunning conversation pieces throughout my home.
I had been given wood from an 1800s Conestoga Stagecoach Wagon and I wanted to use it to build a barn door. Suzie designed a stunning barn door that glides with the push of a finger. She also designed a beautiful bar top using reclaimed barn wood and glass. And my half round myrtle wood desk that hugs my round windows off the kitchen is another well designed showstopper! Suzie’s attention to detail and her support throughout the process was nothing less than fabulous! We started out being designer and client, but we ended up being great friends…..what a wonderful and unexpected joy!!”
~ Jana B .