Your home designed by your intention. 

I’m Suzie Atkin.

I help people create homes and spaces that are beautiful, functional, safe, and most of all, directed by what really matters to its inhabitants. If you’re here, this may be you.

If you want your space to truly support your best life, it’s not enough to make it look like a beautiful Pinterest picture. (Today, that’s actually pretty simple!) Intentional design goes beyond the surface and tackles the bigger drivers – your why under the why, so that every decision you make for your home is guided by your vision. Yes, it’ll be beautiful, but it will be your definition of beauty. 

And it doesn’t stop there. An Interior Designer’s role is to shepherd and enhance your vision, while filling in the gaps of your knowledge base and empowering you to make informed decisions to create optimal wellness, functionality, safety, sustainability, affordability, and yes, beauty. 

I’ve dedicated the last two decades to doing just that for my people. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, Associate Kitchen/Bath Designer certification from the NKBA, Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the NAHB, numerous regional and national awards, such as Professional Remodeler’s “40 under 40” class of 2014, and NARI’s CotY kitchen project award (2011), I’ve learned that design has the power to support our best lives when it’s focused and executed with intention. 

 If you’re into that, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s talk Wellness and our Homes…

Wellness has become top of mind for many of us over the past few years. Our homes have taken on a deeper importance as we’ve used them as offices, sanctuaries, schools, in-home gyms, yoga studios and more.

Many of us have become keenly aware of the vital role space plays in our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Intentionally designing to support wellness may look like a lot of things, but here are a few examples:

  • Creating a steam shower
  • Replacing light bulbs to support our natural circadian rhythms
  • Bringing the outside in with plants and natural light
  • Adding intuitive home controls and safety measures to support all abilities
  • Painting with No-VOC paint in colors that bring calm
  • Improving air quality by replacing gas cooking with induction and adding (and using!) proper ventilation
  • Replacing / adjusting furniture layouts
  • Cleaning the windows to bring new light and energy in
  • Decluttering and deep cleaning 
  • Creating sacred space for “me” time. Can’t picture what “me” time looks like? Oh friend, let’s talk 😉

Wellness is such an important concept and threads itself through all areas of a home. Intentionally making wellness a priority is essential to supporting our best lives.




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