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The first time I visited this beautiful home, I said “wow, you get to live here!”. To which the owner replied, “Yep, and it’s great as long as it doesn’t flood!”. 

Located about 30 yards away from a lively river, this home had already been ravaged by one large flood in the 90’s, not long after it had undergone an extensive remodel. Needless to say, its tempestuous location wound its way through our design phase even if it wasn’t the main objective. 

One of the owners was a prolific artist and had worked in a cramped attic space for years. She’d had enough with that and was ready to have a space to enjoy the view of the river, and gain as much natural light as possible for her work. 

We decided to locate the new space adjacent to the living room, which gave easy access to the main living area, but could be privatized just by closing a door. Then we designed the interior: a space for a work desk, an artist table, a wetbar, ample wall space for hanging art, reclaimed wood flooring, and beautiful glass doors and windows to capture view and light. 

As often happens, adding space had a domino effect. We then updated the exterior of the entire home with new windows, fresh paint, a stunning custom stained-glass door (inspired by the owner’s art), and rock work that wrapped the entire home. We also designed a small but spectacular update to the kitchen with new countertops and backsplash and gave the home’s interior fresh paint. 

This home that had survived a devastating flood not long before reminded us all to enjoy our chosen craft, live connected to the earth, and remember that nothing stays forever. 

Wellness and Sustainability elements: 

  • Low VOC paint 
  • New LED lighting
  • New windows with high insulative value
  • Reclaimed hardwood flooring
  • Locally made cabinetry with low VOC finish 

Some of my favorite features: 

  • Pre-us, the owner’s had installed “dinosaur” footprints on the front walk! (Reminding me we are here for just a blip, aren’t we…)
  • The view and inspiration that came from the proximity to the river. 
  • The seamless cohesion of the addition, which looks like it’s always been there.