I’m a transformer, a guide, and a thought provoker.

I help people transform both the outer spaces of the homes they inhabit, and the inner spaces of their hearts and minds. I help them to see how their relationship to their inner spaces is directly reflected in their outer spaces. When we begin to transform one, the other transforms as well.

I help people reconnect to what supports them – their homes, the Earth, inner wisdom and intuition, the Universe beyond themselves – so that they feel safe to transform and shift into a wider perspective. And as we learn to reconnect to our outer and inner spaces, we also begin the process of reconnecting to the people around us.

I give people tools and teachings to re-empower themselves to build the foundation of a creative, abundant, joyful life.

We do this work through:

  • Applying the art and science of interior design to create supportive physical spaces
  • Time-tested practices of mindfulness and compassion
  • Practical tools and teachings, designed for healing work and curated to be easy to digest and integrate

My Roots

For over two decades, I have lived and breathed design. I have been privileged to take part in beautiful, complicated transformations of spaces for beautiful, complicated people. And I have watched as those transformations have gone to work on the well-being of the humans who exist within these spaces, shifting how they relate to the world.

Witnessing this process gave “design” a whole new meaning for me. I realized remodeling physical spaces and mending minds and hearts was the exact same process, and that we could explore the way we relate to physical space to find clues about how we relate to our inner space.

Through a long design career, and through my own inner transformations, a few key truths have emerged:

  • Design can be rooted in the wisdom of the Earth that supports us, and when it is, we create spaces that not only support our inner healing, but also the healing of our planet.
  • Design can be rooted in the wisdom of mindfulness, and when it is, we can utilize incredible creativity to bring peace and balance back into our lives and spaces.
  • Design can be rooted in the wisdom of compassion, and when it is, we unlock our ability to create powerful transformations that support kindness and belonging; first for our own hearts and minds, and then for all others.

Our Human Roots

For eons, humans have struggled with a tug-of-war between the ego-centric, fearful focus on external power and status, and our intuitive sense that at our essence, we are connected, compassionate, and wise beings.

As tourists, we visit the grand tributes of stone and human lives that were built by kings and pharaohs, all in an attempt to prop up illusions of power and superiority. So much energy was poured into these spaces, attempting to make the temporary last forever, that we can still feel their intensity.

And we are also drawn to the quiet spaces – the spaces of ancient trees and living tilth – where humans have, from the beginning, gone to hear the inner voice of wisdom, to pray, and to ponder the wisdom that connects us all.

We can still see this tug-of-war playing out in today’s built spaces. We see houses that are completely out of proportion to the humans who live there, often poorly built despite their expense, and disconnected from the Earth on which they perch – built as an external projection of status instead of who we actually are.

Contrast these with the spaces that feel like home: quiet, calm, welcoming. Those spaces that have listened to the Earth, utilizing light and air and water as partners and healers; the spaces that allow us to feel safe and supported to explore and cultivate our unique lives and purpose. These are the spaces that cultivate a sense of connection, belonging, and peace, rooted not in the ego, but in that deeper sense of who we are.

These are the spaces I teach people to create.

This doesn’t mean scrapping what you have or throwing up your hands because you feel you and your space are so far from ideal. It means meeting yourself exactly where you are, with compassion and grace. It means meeting your home in the exact same way. It means practicing living from a place of gratitude and abundance instead of anxiousness and lack. It means slowing down and listening.

There’s a desire emerging around the world to heal the wounds that eons of living from fear have caused. There’s an urge many of us have felt to create lives of meaning rooted in awareness, kindness, and connection. We are in the midst of mind-boggling technological progress, but with that comes opportunities to evolve the way we relate to ourselves, our families, communities, and the spaces we all inhabit, including the Earth that supports us all. By learning to live in harmony with the physical spaces that support us, we can stay grounded to what matters to us through this new transition in human evolution.

Spaces can heal. They mirror where we are on our own healing journeys and show us the holes that still need to be repaired, the closets that still need to be unpacked; and they evolve as we evolve. They are the physical example we can turn to when we can’t quite see or feel clearly what is ready to heal within.

If this resonates, if there’s a place within you that feels heard right now, know that you are supported, and I’m here to do my part to serve your process of healing and grounding.

In deep gratitude,


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